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Leptigen Weight Loss Review

Leptigen Review

For many people, losing weight is a never ending struggle. When diet and exercise do not deliver noticeable results, it is easy to get discouraged and give up your healthy habits.

It may help to know that scientific evidence suggests that for most people trying to lose weight, it will take more than diet and exercise alone and that supplements can be beneficial in aiding healthy weight loss. One supplement many people rely on to help shed unwanted pounds is Leptigen. We decided to do a Leptigen review to help you learn more about it and decide if it is right for you.

What are the Ingredients in Leptigen?

Leptigen contains only 4 active ingredients scientifically shown to help increase your metabolism and burn fat. 

Meratrim: Leptigen’s proprietary blend of Garcinia mangostana fruit rind and Sphaeranthus indicus flowers that helps reduce stubborn fat deposits on the waist and hips.

ChromeMate: Chromium polynicotinate to help regulate blood sugar and increase lean muscle mass while reducing stored fat.

Green Tea Extract: A powerful antioxidant and fat burner that also helps stabilize moods and help you feel fuller longer.

Caffeine: Helps suppress appetite and stimulates thermogenesis to increase metabolic burn.

Other inactive ingredients include gelatin, cellulose, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Are there Side Effects Associated with Leptigen?

Unlike many other weight loss supplements we’ve tried, Leptigen did not leave us feeling nervous, jittery or anxious. With less caffeine than a cup of coffee, it did not interfere with our ability to fall or stay asleep. Leptigen is free from harmful ingredients like Ephedra and other Ephedra related compounds and works to help you increase metabolism, burn fat and shed pounds effectively and safely.

There have been a few reports of users experiencing headaches or a slightly elevated heart rate when using Leptigen. If you experience either of these symptoms, stop taking the supplement and consult your doctor.

How do I Take Leptigen?

Simply take one pill twice a day thirty minutes before eating a meal. If you miss a dose, do not double up on the next dose, just take the next dose as directed before your next meal. A bottle of Leptigen contains 60 capsules and is enough for a full month supply when taken as directed.

To get maximum results, couple your Leptigen with regular exercise and a healthy diet consisting of lean proteins, low fat dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits and at least 8 glasses of water a day. When taken as directed and in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise, most people start to see and feel results within the first month of incorporating Leptigen into their daily routine.

Do not combine Leptigen with other weight loss supplements and talk to your physician before beginning Leptigen if you have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or any other medical conditions.

What’s the Final Verdict on Leptigen?

Leptigen offers a safe, effective way to boost metabolism and core body temperature to help you burn calories and fat faster and more efficiently than exercise and diet alone. When combined with a healthy diet and routine exercise, Leptigen offers a way to get rid of unwanted fat, especially the stubborn fat on the stomach, waistline and hips. Easy to take and side effect free, this is a supplement we feel good about taking and recommending.

Legendary Beard Co. Review

Lengendary Beard Co

I wanted to take some time to write a review for Legendary Beard Co. I am not a guy who spends a lot of time on grooming, but I do want to keep myself looking and feeling good. I’ve found a great barber and he helps keep my hair and beard looking good without a lot of fuss.

Legendary Beard Co.When I asked him what I could do to keep my beard soft and conditioned in between barbering visits, he turned me on to the Legendary Beard Co. Since I started using their products, my beard has come in fuller and thicker and is much more comfortable and easier to maintain.

“I started using the beard growth blend about two months ago and was amazed at the results I got. In just a couple of weeks, I noticed my beard was less patchy and felt softer.”

My barber explained it was thanks to the Vitamin B Biotin complex in the formula. Turns out, biotin activates hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles and helping them grow stronger and longer. Not only did the beard growth blend make my beard thicker, softer and fuller, it also made a major difference in my skin. My skin felt softer, smoother and more hydrated after I started using the beard growth blend.

Legendary Beard Co. OilOnce my beard had fully grown in, I didn’t really need to use the beard growth blend as often, what I really needed was something to keep it soft and comfortable. I switched to Legendary Beard Co.’s beard oil and that’s what I use now to keep my beard in top shape.

Made with pure Moroccan Argan oil, this stuff has made my beard and skin unbelievably soft and healthy. As an added bonus, my girlfriend absolutely loves the way it smells and the transformation it has made in my beard. She always liked the look of my beard, but before I started using this oil, she did often remark about how stiff or scratchy it felt when I kissed her. Now, I get no complaints, only compliments.

Now that I’ve got a beard that is comfortable and healthy, I decided to invest in my beard health and maintenance by using a supplement specially formulated to support beard health. It’s called Phytoceramides and it’s packed with ingredients taken from sweet potatoes and rice clinically shown to support the collagen structure of hair and skin.

Collagen is essential to healthy hair and skin and these supplements help me get what I need to make sure my skin and beard stay healthy, supple, strong and smooth.

The best part of Legendary Beard Co. is how easy the products are to use and how affordable they are. I was able to get everything I needed to grow a healthy, full beard without it costing me an arm and a leg. I appreciate being able to pamper myself and get what I need for my skin and beard without it feeling like a financial sacrifice.

On top of the way the products work and how affordable they are, I love how easy it is to log on and order what I need, anytime I want or need to. The customer service at Legendary Beard Co. is amazing. I always get my order quickly and it is always exactly right.

If you’re trying to grow a beard or maintain the one you’ve got, take a serious look at Legendary Beard Co. and find out more about their products and how they can help you.

I’m so glad my barber turned me on to these products and I think you’ll appreciate them, too. Affordable, effective and easy to use, products from Legendary Beard Co. have transformed my skin and beard for the better.

Follinique Review


When your hair starts to thin, it can be a disconcerting experience. Often, your confidence takes a hit, and you feel insecure about the way you look. Designed specifically for women, Follinique is a hair growth supplement that contains scientifically proven ingredients to stimulate dormant follicles of hair. Its’ proprietary formula travels deep into the scalp, then activates hair growth in places that are balding or thinning.

The Follinique Solution

This supplement uses a sophisticated formula that reverses hair loss with minoxidil – a powerful regrowth component that operates at the base of hair follicles, where cycles of growth happen. The supplement incorporates three phases of growth — telogen, anagen and catagen — which enables cells of hair to repair themselves, counteracting the effects of balding. The supplement targets particular sensitive regions inside cells, which respond best to its’ potassium derived growth formula, ensuring that your hair follicles start to grow again. Furthermore, the supplement uses a specific quantity of two percent minoxidil, to stop and obstruct additional hair loss. Even better, this stimulates new cells of hair to grow by themselves.

Using Follinique on a Daily Basis

Just apply the product two times per day, in the morning and evening. The solution will soak through into your skin and activate your hair follicles. It is easy to apply – simply put the formula onto your scalp using the dropper. After application, it will reinvigorate your hair cells and facilitate healthy growth. If you use Follinique twice a day, you ought to notice significant results within a couple of months.

Special Trial Offer of Follinique

Because Follinique is a reasonably new supplement, and to further advertise its’ advantages, the manufacturers are providing trial batches of their supplement for a short time. Women who wish to sample Follinique can do this for just the cost of handling and shipping. Then, they can use Follinique for one month and decide whether it suits them.

Things That Follinique Users Should Bear in Mind

While using this supplement, it is recommended that people avoid other treatments for hair growth, unless advised to do this by a beautician. This is due to the fact that other ingredients might be responsible for hair loss, so it will prevent hair from regrowing effectively. Do not use hair styling equipment regularly. This might include hair dryers and straighteners. This equipment could increase loss of hair, so it should be used sparingly. Observe sensible hair hygiene practices. Washing your hair with a good shampoo will prevent dandruff from developing, and ensure that Follinique produces better results.

Final Thoughts

With its’ natural formula that targets hair loss at its’ root cause, Follinique rapidly reverses the problem and helps you grow back lost hair quickly. Many users report that any sign of early baldness starts to vanish within weeks of applying the supplement. Because you can obtain a complimentary sample of Follinique, there is no financial risk — so you might as well try it to see whether it produces results for you.