Does The Livana Lift Cream Really Work?

Livana Lift Review

Maintaining a youthful complexion through the years can be quite the challenge. As one ages, the collagen and elastin in their connective tissues breaks downs and weakens, thus causing age symptoms to appear on their skin. Factors like excessive exposure to UV light, smoking, stress and sudden weight loss also contribute to the process. Livana Lift Anti-Aging Day & Night is a skincare product that is meant to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and other age symptoms.

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How Does the Livana Lift Anti-Aging Cream Work?

A person’s skin is constantly exposed to harsh UV radiation and other factors that cause age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. According to the product’s manufacturer, the primary cause of aging is the depletion of skin peptides. The Livana Lift cream claims to use peptides to halt the aging process and reverse the impact that it has already had on one’s complexion. When used properly, the solution will not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but also enhance the epidermal layer of one’s skin to curtail any further damage to the skin.

The formulation contains a handful of effective ingredients that work to even skin tone, combat free radical damage as well as decreasing wrinkle depth and locking in hydration. These include:

Trylagen PCB: This contains proteins and active peptides that restore the skin’s collagen-producing capabilities. It also moisturizes the skin for a supple texture and beautiful radiance.

Argireline: This stimulates protein synthesis to halt visible signs of aging.

Lipogard: This compound is made by blending Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E. Its role is to prevent UV rays from causing more damage to the skin.

Pentavitin: This ingredient works with other substances in the body to maintain existing levels of keratin in one’s skin. This has the effect of restoring diminished skin suppleness and preventing hydration losses.

Does it Work?

According to the manufacturer, the cream has been formulated in consultation with several dermatologists. The ingredients used have also been subjected to clinical trials. Here, the company says that a significant improvement in dermal nutrient delivery and hydration was documented. The product is also safe for use across all skin types.

Using Livana Lift Cream

To enjoy the benefits of this product, one needs to follow a few simple instructions:

First, it’s important to prepare the skin by washing it with a gentle cleanser and some warm water. This removes any foreign that may be present in the pores to pave way for the cream. After cleansing, one then needs to pat down their skin and leave it to dry completely.

Generally, one only needs to apply a pea-sized amount of this cream to their neck and face. It’s crucial that one allows it to soak fully by massaging it into the skin properly.

Once the formula has been absorbed, one could then continue with the rest of their routine. For the best results, users are recommended to apply as per the directions daily for about 2 months.


Users are cautioned from washing their faces excessively as this could cause irritation and dryness. It’s also important to drink plenty of fluids and get enough sleep to facilitate an effective healing process.

Are there Any Side Effects?

The Livana Lift cream uses a natural formulation that is devoid of chemicals, artificial additives and fillers. The ingredients are clinically approved as safe and effective. That said, individuals with sensitive skin and/or allergies are instructed to confer with a specialist before they can start using the product.

The Livana Lift anti-aging formula can effectively keep one’s skin healthy, firm and glowing. It contains a distinct blend of natural compounds that work to tackle the symptoms of aging from multiple angles. By remedying the damage endured by the skin over the years, the LivanaLift cream effectively restores the appeal of a youthful complexion.

UPDATED: Livana Lift Exclusive Discount Now Available



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