When your hair starts to thin, it can be a disconcerting experience. Often, your confidence takes a hit, and you feel insecure about the way you look. Designed specifically for women, Follinique is a hair growth supplement that contains scientifically proven ingredients to stimulate dormant follicles of hair. Its’ proprietary formula travels deep into the scalp, then activates hair growth in places that are balding or thinning.

The Follinique Solution

This supplement uses a sophisticated formula that reverses hair loss with minoxidil – a powerful regrowth component that operates at the base of hair follicles, where cycles of growth happen. The supplement incorporates three phases of growth — telogen, anagen and catagen — which enables cells of hair to repair themselves, counteracting the effects of balding. The supplement targets particular sensitive regions inside cells, which respond best to its’ potassium derived growth formula, ensuring that your hair follicles start to grow again. Furthermore, the supplement uses a specific quantity of two percent minoxidil, to stop and obstruct additional hair loss. Even better, this stimulates new cells of hair to grow by themselves.

Using Follinique on a Daily Basis

Just apply the product two times per day, in the morning and evening. The solution will soak through into your skin and activate your hair follicles. It is easy to apply – simply put the formula onto your scalp using the dropper. After application, it will reinvigorate your hair cells and facilitate healthy growth. If you use Follinique twice a day, you ought to notice significant results within a couple of months.

Special Trial Offer of Follinique

Because Follinique is a reasonably new supplement, and to further advertise its’ advantages, the manufacturers are providing trial batches of their supplement for a short time. Women who wish to sample Follinique can do this for just the cost of handling and shipping. Then, they can use Follinique for one month and decide whether it suits them.

Things That Follinique Users Should Bear in Mind

While using this supplement, it is recommended that people avoid other treatments for hair growth, unless advised to do this by a beautician. This is due to the fact that other ingredients might be responsible for hair loss, so it will prevent hair from regrowing effectively. Do not use hair styling equipment regularly. This might include hair dryers and straighteners. This equipment could increase loss of hair, so it should be used sparingly. Observe sensible hair hygiene practices. Washing your hair with a good shampoo will prevent dandruff from developing, and ensure that Follinique produces better results.

Final Thoughts

With its’ natural formula that targets hair loss at its’ root cause, Follinique rapidly reverses the problem and helps you grow back lost hair quickly. Many users report that any sign of early baldness starts to vanish within weeks of applying the supplement. Because you can obtain a complimentary sample of Follinique, there is no financial risk — so you might as well try it to see whether it produces results for you.

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