Losing weight and getting shape is not often an easy feat. Many of us need all the help we can get. LeanFire XT is an all-natural fat burner for both men and women made by Force Factor. It is designed to help users increase clarity and focus, improve physical endurance, and burn excess fat.

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About Lean Fire XTLean Fire XT Discount

Thermogenic ingredients are an important part of any fat burning supplement, and LeanFire XT is full of them. LeanFire XT’s active ingredients include green tea and caffeine, both of which are known to be thermogenic, and subsequently effective fat burners.

Another thermogenic ingredient in Force Factor LeanFire XT is cayenne pepper, which adds to the fat burning component of the product. Additionally, this supplement is easy to take as users will be able to get results with only one serving per day. This is important, as comparative fat burner supplements are taken as many as three to four times per day.

Weighing The Pros and Cons Of Lean Fire XT

LeanFire XT is a product with great fat burning ingredients, some of which have been mentioned before. Below is a quick and comprehensive look at the ingredients in this supplement and how they may help or harm users, how effective they are or are not, and whether or not users should beware of any side effects. These ingredients include:


Not a fat burner, this ingredient is included to help improve nutrient absorption – an important part of the fat burning process

Green Tea

The Catechins in green tea promote the increased production of the fat burning hormone norepinephrine, and in this way makes the ingredient an effective fat burner


500mg or more of this ingredient has been known to increase physical energy and boost metabolic function

Cayenne Pepper

A thermogenic ingredient, this ingredient increases the body’s core temperature, forcing the body to expend calories and energy to cool it

Caffeine Anhydrous

Arguable one of the best available stimulants, this ingredient helps make workouts more effective as energy levels are significantly boosted. Metabolic function is also significantly increased

L Theanine

This ingredient works in tandem with the Caffeine Anhydrous as it increases the effectiveness of its function. As far as side effects go, one ingredient of potential concern is perhaps Synephrine (Advantra Z), which have been shown to potentially have side effects when combined with caffeine, which is the case in LeanFire XT.

Still, users have not complained of said potential side effects being realized. Additionally, on account of the product’s ingredients being natural and designed to work with (and enhance) the body’s natural fat burning functions, users are likely to experience losing excess body fat quickly and without the unwanted side effects.


LeanFire XT does appear to not hold true to many of the conventions of traditional fat burners, as it has a reduced number of required servings per day to be effective. However, with the ingredients included, users are sure to see results from taking the supplement.

Also, the potential for side effects are no different from many similar products on the market, and in this regard, the product is still safe to use. As is the case with all such products, be sure to consult your health care provider before use.



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