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Lux Ceramides – The New Youth Cream In Town


Luxx Ceramides is a skin cream that helps counter multiple skin-related conditions. Besides making way for a firmer and radiant skin, the cream also helps the skin build up its defenses so that future skin problems become less likely. Let’s learn about the cream in a little more detail in this Luxx Ceramides review.


Luxx-Cermides_reviewAcetyl hexapeptide-8 (Argireline® np) is the cream’s primary ingredient. Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is known for lifting and enhancing the skin’s firmness, erasing expression wrinkles and dramatically decreasing the wrinkle spread angle, decreasing fine lines, and hydrating the skin. The ingredient instigates muscle relaxation – these muscles are responsible for expression lines formation around the eyes.

Some of the other ingredients found in Luxx Ceramides are:

Ceramide Complex CLRTM K: It’s a carrot extract that helps with skin revitalization and toning, which significantly helps with eczema, dermatitis, and rashes.

Hydresia SF2: Hydresia SF2 stimulates fibroblast that is responsible for producing elastin fibers and collagen, helping reduce wrinkles and adding more elasticity to the skin.

Matrixyl 3000: A powerful antioxidant, Matrixyl 3000 helps clean the body’s dead skin cells and free radicals.

DermalRx Hydroseal: An anti-wrinkle active, DermalRx Hydroseal combines proteins and peptides to act on collagen, thereby increasing collagen production, restraining its degradation, and enhancing its organization.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants assist with eliminating free radicals. These radicals are toxins that humans derive from UV rays and pollution.

Peptides, vitamin C, aloe vera extracts, and shea butter are the other ingredients that make up the product.

Suggested Usage

Luxx Ceramides is both an anti-aging and routine moisturizing cream. According to a study, female participants were asked to use this anti-wrinkle cream for 30 days consecutively. They witnessed a 30 percent decrease in their wrinkles’ depth after the 30-day period. In routine life, a few dabs of the cream daily is good enough. For more detailed usage directions, refer the product bottle. As with any other skin cream, you must wash your skin with a cleanser before applying the cream.


The following are some of the noticeable benefits of using Luxx Ceramides for a good amount of time:

• Helps decrease appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
• Dramatically enhances skin firmness.
• Hydrates and moisturizes the skin, leaving behind a smooth and radiant look.
• Enhances the skin’s defenses, which helps prevent the onset of future skin complications.
• Decreases laugh lines and crow’s feet.

The results can be so dramatic, onlookers may often believe you underwent surgery. Not to mention, the results are fairly long-lasting.

Potential Side Effects

There aren’t many side effects to the product as such. However, with any cream-based skin product, skin greasiness is an inevitable after-effect. This means people with oily to combination skin may not fancy the product much, despite the product being effective.

Price & Ordering Process

Luxx Ceramides can be directly ordered from the brand’s official website. However, there isn’t much information about the product’s actual price right away. New users have no option but to avail a trial, which is a blessing in disguise. To avail the trial, one would have to provide contact details and also payment information. You would be billed only for the product shipping, which would amount to $4.95. The trial product supply is worth $129.74 and which should last a month.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you may cancel the trial subscription midway. However, if you continue to use the product and do not unsubscribe, you would be charged the product’s actual price. This subscription should stay on throughout your active membership duration. The trial program or membership can be cancelled by contacting the company’s customer service team.

Since the skincare product is fairly new to the industry, there isn’t much information about the product in terms of real customer reviews. However, if there’s anything you’d like to know about the product, contact the company’s customer service team via email or phone. At the moment, phone contact is not available round-the-clock. On weekdays, customer service via phone is available between 8 am and 12 pm EST. On weekends, the 12 pm closing time is brought down to 9 pm.

Does The Livana Lift Cream Really Work?

Livana Lift Review

Maintaining a youthful complexion through the years can be quite the challenge. As one ages, the collagen and elastin in their connective tissues breaks downs and weakens, thus causing age symptoms to appear on their skin. Factors like excessive exposure to UV light, smoking, stress and sudden weight loss also contribute to the process. Livana Lift Anti-Aging Day & Night is a skincare product that is meant to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and other age symptoms.

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How Does the Livana Lift Anti-Aging Cream Work?

A person’s skin is constantly exposed to harsh UV radiation and other factors that cause age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. According to the product’s manufacturer, the primary cause of aging is the depletion of skin peptides. The Livana Lift cream claims to use peptides to halt the aging process and reverse the impact that it has already had on one’s complexion. When used properly, the solution will not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but also enhance the epidermal layer of one’s skin to curtail any further damage to the skin.

The formulation contains a handful of effective ingredients that work to even skin tone, combat free radical damage as well as decreasing wrinkle depth and locking in hydration. These include:

Trylagen PCB: This contains proteins and active peptides that restore the skin’s collagen-producing capabilities. It also moisturizes the skin for a supple texture and beautiful radiance.

Argireline: This stimulates protein synthesis to halt visible signs of aging.

Lipogard: This compound is made by blending Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E. Its role is to prevent UV rays from causing more damage to the skin.

Pentavitin: This ingredient works with other substances in the body to maintain existing levels of keratin in one’s skin. This has the effect of restoring diminished skin suppleness and preventing hydration losses.

Does it Work?

According to the manufacturer, the cream has been formulated in consultation with several dermatologists. The ingredients used have also been subjected to clinical trials. Here, the company says that a significant improvement in dermal nutrient delivery and hydration was documented. The product is also safe for use across all skin types.

Using Livana Lift Cream

To enjoy the benefits of this product, one needs to follow a few simple instructions:

First, it’s important to prepare the skin by washing it with a gentle cleanser and some warm water. This removes any foreign that may be present in the pores to pave way for the cream. After cleansing, one then needs to pat down their skin and leave it to dry completely.

Generally, one only needs to apply a pea-sized amount of this cream to their neck and face. It’s crucial that one allows it to soak fully by massaging it into the skin properly.

Once the formula has been absorbed, one could then continue with the rest of their routine. For the best results, users are recommended to apply as per the directions daily for about 2 months.


Users are cautioned from washing their faces excessively as this could cause irritation and dryness. It’s also important to drink plenty of fluids and get enough sleep to facilitate an effective healing process.

Are there Any Side Effects?

The Livana Lift cream uses a natural formulation that is devoid of chemicals, artificial additives and fillers. The ingredients are clinically approved as safe and effective. That said, individuals with sensitive skin and/or allergies are instructed to confer with a specialist before they can start using the product.

The Livana Lift anti-aging formula can effectively keep one’s skin healthy, firm and glowing. It contains a distinct blend of natural compounds that work to tackle the symptoms of aging from multiple angles. By remedying the damage endured by the skin over the years, the LivanaLift cream effectively restores the appeal of a youthful complexion.

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Genucel Eye Therapy Review


Many people don’t realize that fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin under the eye do not always happen solely because of age. Heredity, stress, smoking, frequent squinting and dehydration of skin found below the eye can also cause these problems, regardless of age. The skin under the eyes does not contain its own oil glands causing this area to be notoriously dry. Eye treatment creams, like Genucel Eye Therapy, target this area to create a tighter, more firm appearance with reduced puffiness and less noticeable furrows.

What is Genucel?

Genucel Plant Stem CellGenucel, produced by Chamonix, is a formula designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, eye bags, puffiness and create younger looking skin in as little as fifteen days of daily use. It uses innovative plant stem cell technology, Eyeseryl and other active ingredients to achieve these effects.


How Does Genucel Work?

Genucel’s mother company, Chamonix, incorporates advanced science into their latest eye therapy cream. Plant stem cell technology primarily uses plant stem cells extracted from a rare species of Swiss apple, and it is patented as PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica. The Swiss apple plant stem cells and some other active ingredients are all proven effective through various clinical trials and studies. Combined, these ingredients combat the damaging effects that appear on the skin to create a fresher and more youthful appearance around the eye region.

What Are Those Ingredients?

Genucel uses cutting edge and all natural ingredients to deliver the desired results such as PhytoCellTec, Eyeseryl, algae extract, green tea leaf extract, hydrolyzed marine collagen and goji berry extract.

PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica – This patented ingredient derived from plant stem cells from a rare Swiss apple strain is shown through studies to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin below the eye and to promote the health of healthy cellular regrowth.

Eyeseryl – This is yet another ingredient that clinical studies have proven its efficacy. In the clinical trial, women applied a thin application of a 1% Eyeseryl solution per the directions. The study showed that all women saw a significant remediation of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, some women had as much as a 50% reduction. Genucel contains 2% Eyeseryl to harness the power and restorative qualities of the formula.

Algae extract – It is a powerful antioxidant and renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the signs of aging on the skin. Algae contains compounds that rebalance the mineral content of the skin, which promotes optimal skin quality and tone. Additional studies have shown that it is potent against acne and helps lighten the skin.

Green tea leaf extract – Green tea is well known for its health-promoting properties, but it has also been proven through studies to be incredible for the skin. This extract has properties that protect the skin from free radicals, which is one cause of rapidly aging skin.

Hydrolyzed marine collagen – This active ingredient was carefully selected and included for its ability to make the skin more elastic, supple and firm. This aids in the reduction of the appearance of crow’s feet, laugh and other fine lines and wrinkles around the eye.

Goji berry extract – This extract can slow down the signs of aging on the skin by protecting the skin from additional damage when applied topically.

How Do I Use Genucel Eye Therapy?

Genucel should be applied thinly to the skin around, below and above the eyes twice daily.

Should I Be Concerned About Side Effects?

Genucel uses all natural ingredients and no side effects were reported during the clinical studies. However, if you have chronic skin allergies, are prone to sensitive or irritated skin or tend to react to other eye creams, it is recommended that you do a small spot test before using Genucel daily.

You can purchase Genucel Eye Therapy through their main website and right now, you can get locked into a lower price if you purchase one of their special kits.

Younger Looking Eyes With Luxx Eyes? Yes, Please!



Women go through a great deal of changes from the age of 18 to 38, including skin, and even more specifically, the skin around her eyes. The skin around the eyes is one of the first places that aging shows up, it could be from fine lines or wrinkles, laugh lines or dark bags or it could be just a lackluster tone to the skin, making your eyes look older than you really are. However, Luxx Eyes is the perfect solution for combating the signs and appearance of aging to that delicate skin. It is clinically proven and is all-natural.

What is It?

Luxx Eyes is a skin care serum that has been carefully formulated to support and improve the health of the skin under your eyes. Its specially chosen ingredients repairs damage, renews skin tone and evens out color, plumps up the skin to a nice, youthful quality and reduces or eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.

How Does It Work?

Luxx Eyes works by using hand selected ingredients designed to heal and firm up the under eye skin region. They are all natural and contain whole collagen cells, crucial vitamins and essential oils. Each ingredient targets a specific element of the aging effects that appear on the skin around the eyes.

What Is In It?

Luxx-EyesLuxx Eyes contains ingredients like Argireline np, Hydresia SF2 and a ceramide complex. Each ingredient is scientifically tested and is proven to provide both short and long-term effects on the appearance of skin.

Argireline np

Argireline np is a neuropeptide compound and offers similar effects seen after cosmetic injections without the worrisome side effects. It works by relaxing facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydresia SF2

Hydresia SF2 boosts the production of dermal elastic fibers which improves the elasticity of your skin, it also stimulates collagen production which leaves your skin plump and firm. It softens the skin, retains healthy skin cells and repairs damage.

Ceramide Complex

Ceramide complex is all natural and derived from the extract of carrots. Carrot extract is renowned for having the ability to brighten dark under eye bags and spots, promotes a healthy luster to skin tone and color, calms inflammation and softens and smooths the skin.

I’m Still Young, Do I Really Need It?

Women can start showing signs of aging, particularly around the eyes, as young as 25. It is never too early to start giving your skin the tools it needs to stay healthy, bright and firm. Skin damage, smoking, free radicals in the air and food and harmful UV rays can also cause your skin to suffer dark bags, sagging eye bags, puffy eyes and fine lines and wrinkles.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As Luxx Eyes is completely natural, there is no associated side effects or risk of using the product on a daily basis. As with trying anything new, if you have highly sensitive skin, it is recommended to do a small spot test before using Luxx Eyes. It was formulated by dermatologists who know how other eye creams can contain detrimental chemicals and even ingredients that can be cancer causing. They carefully selected natural ingredients that you can feel good about using on your skin every day.

How Do I Use It?

Luxx Eyes is a serum that can be applied every day, or once in the morning and once at night, in a thin layer directly beneath your eyes in the bag region. Be careful not to apply it too close to your eyes, and wash thoroughly with clean water if you do.

Why Do I Buy It?

Luxx Eyes is offering a free trial sample for a limited time. Visit their main website to access the form to sign up for your sample, you only have to pay a small shipping charge and you can start seeing what Luxx Eyes can do for your eyes today.

Chamonix Skin Care Review


Chamonix Skin uses natural ingredients that are essential in maintaining a healthy skin. The entire skin care product by Chamonix has a major part of its ingredients as antioxidants. However, to ensure naturally skin maintenance, the antioxidants used in these products are all naturally sourced. The main sources include green teas, cranberry and grape extracts which have been proven effective anti-aging elements.

Chamonix MatrixylThe Matrixyl used in the formulation of Chamonix Skincare product is an important component that contains at least five amino acids. Matrixyl is renowned for its ability to stimulate the production and maintenance of both collagen and elastin, which are essential elements in maintaining healthy skins. The copper peptides are a critical stimulator of the skin rejuvenation process. These peptides also repair the skins’ outermost layers and increase the ability of the antioxidants to provide the defense mechanism.

The products contain hyaluronic acid, which is found on the skin and around joints. This acid moisturizes the skin as it deeply penetrates into the deep section of the skin. Hyaluronic also fights skin inflammation. It also makes the skin retain its elasticity for a longer time thus preventing cases of untimely aging.

Suggested use

Chamonix skin care products are well placed to address the major anti-aging problems. All Chamonix products are effective in the removal of wrinkles on the face, dark circles around the eyes and treatment of the under eye wrinkles. The products are also recommended for use in skin brightening and restoration of the skin to give that youthful look.


Since Chamonix values and appreciates the health of its customers, it has priced its products in a pocket-friendly approach to ensure you are able to maintain a healthy skin. The products are sold independently and in packages. For most of the products, the price ranges from a low of $200 to a high of $350. This price range fits well considering that the product can be used over two months and produce lifelong healthy skin care.

Potential side effects

Chamonix Skin product is carefully formulated to meet the clinically proven concentrations. The natural antioxidants are included within gentle concentration within the products making them smoothly work on any skin without causing any harmful side effects. Since all Chamonix are naturally based, there is no known direct side effect caused by the company’s product except for external conditions that may be endemic to an individual’s skin conditions and health.


Chamonix Skin products contains only naturally pure ingredients, are mineral oils free, do not use petroleum by-products, never use pharmaceutical preservatives and are not tested on animals. This special formulation makes the products to efficiently repair your skin, build the collagen fibers, and eliminate the wrinkles on your skin without any irrational or causes a hypersensitive reaction. They are applied to all skins including the highly sensitive ones. The formulation saves you the discomfort associated with the use of irritating antioxidants and ensures you get value for your money.

Chamonix skin products have extremely effective ingredients that are tested and proven over a long time across different cultures in the globe. These ingredients deliver results within a short time and in a healthy way. Users are able to realize the benefits within a short time but for a prolonged time from a single product thereby eliminating the needs for the application of hundreds of products on your skin.

Ordering process

Chamonix proved free shipping for product exceeding $79. You can order your product either on the company’s website or through a call. For the online ordering option, you must have a registered profile on the company’s website

Esotique XV Review

Esotique XV

In this un-biased Esotique XV review you will get the facts on a new skin cream system and answer the question; does it really work? As we age with time, we gain valuable life experience, which makes us wiser and allows us to live a better life. However, age is also a problem, because it makes us look older. Our muscles become much less strong as we age, and our skin becomes wrinkly.

“We can work on our muscle strength in the gym, but there is no gym where we can improve or reduce the wrinkles of our skin.”

Esotique Stem Cell ReviewEsotique XV was designed by researchers to help reclaim an individuals youth when it comes to skin tone.

This advanced skin care cream has been made with one goal in mind: to reduce the wrinkles that show themselves on our face with age.

In the following sections, we will review this product, and find out why it is perhaps the best product of its kind.


As the name suggests, the main ingredient of Esotique XV are plant stem cells. These cells have unique properties, and in this cream they have been incorporated with new peptides. The cream also contains Hyaluronic acid and CoQ10, both of which help the skin in remaining healthy and youthful. Esotique XV also contains the vitamis B3 and B6, as part of the proprietary formula known as Enzyme Activation Group. The base of the cream consists of calendula flower and oil extracts; both of these work together to ensure that the cream does not clog the pores of your skin.

Esotique Application

This cream should be applied on your face every day after taking a bath. It should be gently massaged, and you should not leave any spot on your face. You may also apply a sunscreen over the cream, if you are in a sunny place. However, it is desirable to avoid applying any other cream with the Esotique XV.

Potential Benefits

The main benefit of this cream is that it will start to reduce the advancing wrinkles on your face. First you will find that no new wrinkles develop on your face after application of this cream. Afterwards, you will likely find that the old wrinkles have started to disappear. Apart from its action against wrinkles, the cream also moisturizes your face, and makes it look youthful.

Potential Side-Effects

One of the advantages of this luxury cream is that it is designed to have a low footprint when it comes to side-effects. Plant stem cells are by themselves harmless for the human skin. The other ingredients of this cream also have been found to be harmless in laboratory testing. Further, this cream does not contain any mineral oils or parabens. This makes it stand out from all the rest of the products in the market, which often include many such chemicals.

How to Buy Esotique XV

The Esotique XV can be bought online. One 2 oz jar of the Esotique XV can be bought for $139 with free shipping. A number of sites also give a discount when you buy this cream along with other products.

Plant stem cells are very useful because they allow delivery of the required peptides to the epidermis without any risks. Other ingredients of this cream, such as Hyaluronic acid, are included in just the right amounts, so that they also help the skin become more youthful. Coupled with the benefits, another advantage of this cream is that it does not have any side-effects. It is a luxury cream, which means a lot of money has gone into research to make this cream.

It may seem a bit overpriced, but the quality of the product is unparalleled. For people who are fighting the scourge of wrinkles, this cream is more valuable than gold. Regular application of this cream should definitely help you reduce the wrinkles on your face.

You can order it online from a number of online stores, and start to look as youthful as you did when you were in your 20s.



Optimal Health Products Inc Review

Optimal Health Products LLC

Optimal Health Products Inc. is an America based company that provides a wide variety of health & beauty supplements. These helpful products cover a myriad of difficulties and problems such as weight gain, low libido, skin wrinkles, urinary tract infections, poor digestion and general illness. The products that the company creates are designed to complement the body’s natural processes and boost their productivity.

OPTIMAL Health Products INC

The best thing about the products from Optimal Health Products is that they are 100 percent natural. Customers rarely have to worry about ugly side effects and harsh chemicals. The following are some of the products that this company offers and some information about how these products can assist the people who use them.

Slimfit 180 for Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most common issues that people have, and many of them seek to find a pill that can help them with such a thing. Optimal Health Products developed a compound called Slimfit 180 that contains elements like Garcinia Cambogia and Hydroxycitric Acid. What these elements do is they give the person who is using them a feeling of fullness and they suppress the appetite. The elements in the product also kick-start the metabolism, which is what causes the user to lose weight. Many people have used the product and have left glowing reviews about its effectiveness in appetite suppression and weight loss.

Natural Cleanse Plus for Ridding Yourself of Toxins

Some people need to rid themselves of toxins and balance some of the chemicals in the body. Natural Cleanse Plus has a mix of helpful items that work together to purify the system. The ingredients in the product can help regulate digestion as well as boost vitality and eliminate all the toxins. A boosted metabolism is an even bigger bonus that the product provides.

BioDerm RX for Skin Care

People who are interested in replenishing their skin can attempt to do so with BioDerm RX. BioDerm RX is a product that has the ability to rejuvenate the skin, exfoliate, tighten and produce a youthful look in the person who uses it. Many people have attested to its ability to eliminate the wrinkles in their skin. Such people rave about the product repeatedly. Anyone who purchases it will get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk in trying it for a youthful look.

Androgenyx Alpha & Andorgenyx Edge for Men’s Health

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in the world. The manufacturers created two products that could handle ED in two different ways. The Androgenyx Alpha T-Surge product uses the enugreek plant, which increases testosterone production. The Andorgenyx Edge: HPX works by using a smorgasbord of nutrients that increase the blood flow. Both of the products have amazing testimonials from the users who found new success. The EDGE HPX version seems as if it may be the faster acting product between the two. An interested person can try them both to see which one works best.

Reasons to Order From Optimal Health Products

Many reasons exist as to why you should order from Optimal Health Products. The number one reason to order from this company is that the products are natural, and they all have origin in the United States. Secondly, all the products are proven by scientific studies to work for their intended purposes. Thirdly, the support team is magnificently attentive to the customers. Anyone who has a problem will receive prompt assistance and answers to any questions that they may have.

Put your order in today for some high-quality natural products from manufacturers you can trust. If you have any issues, you can trust that the company will take care of you.


Vinetics C Review – Does This Skin Care Regimen Work ?

Vinetics C Review

This Vinetics C review will touch on products that claim to have the ability to provide several benefits to the body. The company sells a facial cream, eye serum and a bottle of phytoceramides for a daily supplement. Phytoceramides have claimed to be responsible for building skin resilience at times. Studies have shown the ingredients in these product could provide results.

The Science Behind Vinetics C

Vinetics C Skin Care RegimenThe Vinetics C name describes not just one but several products that the manufacturer designed to generate youth to the user’s facial area and under-eye area. The eye serum has a number of ingredients that are designed to bring moisture and tightness to the eye skin. The facial cream does the same but on a much bigger scale.

“Most Vinetics C reviews are usually quite positive because of the quick results that this product gives.”

Ingredients in Vinetics C

Just a few of the ingredients that are found in either the eye serum or the face cream are ingredients such as lemon extract, grape extract, vitamin K, mineral oil, passion flower extract, pineapple extract and more. Pineapple has many benefits to the skin such as the ability to destroy acne, eliminate wrinkles and restore the tone in some places. Mineral oil is an excellent moisturizing agent for the skin. Vitamin K has properties in it that can restore the skin’s natural luster. All these ingredients work together to provide the most moist environment for the users.

Benefits of Vinetics C

Vinetics C has many benefits to it. One benefit is that it shaves about 10 years off of the user’s life. Secondly, it gives the person moisturized skin instead of dry, cracked skin and black circles under the eyes. Having moist and well-toned skin can improve someone’s personal life as well as his or her social life. The effects of this product can make the user’s self-esteem rise because of the glow that he or she gets in the face and the happy smile that the person displays after taking it.

How to Take Vinetics C

The eye serum is a two-finger product. The person can take it by putting it on two fingers and then spreading it onto the eye skin in an upward fashion. For best results, the product should only be used after the person is finished washing and toning up the skin. The user can put it on twice every day, once in the morning and once at night.

The phytoceramides is a dietary supplement and should be taken once every day in the morning, and the person should have a glass of water with it. It is only necessary for the person to use a small amount of the skin cream on the face. A dime-sized or pea-sized amount is sufficient enough for the person to use. The cream just like the eye serum should not go on before the face has been fully cleaned for the person’s sake.

Risks and Side Effects

All supplements and medications have some risk in them for side effects of some sort. Some side effects are lower than others are, however. The side effects that may occur with repeated use of the product are side effects such as skin rashes, itching and swelling.

The positive benefits of the product outweigh any negative issues that may occur. Therefore, interested persons should not fear the product. A new user can test a small portion of the skin before moving forward if there is a concern about poor effects.


Test X180 Tempest Review

Test X180 Tempest

Test x180 Tempest is a testosterone boosting supplement from the well known manufacturers Force Factor. It is specifically designed for gym goers, who want to improve their athletic performance significantly. As well as helping to develop lean muscle tissue by boosting free testosterone, the supplement is also said to facilitate gains in power, speed and physical strength – while enhancing mental focus. This is believed to give athletes better coordination.

Recommended Dosage for Test X180 Tempest

On training days, customers are advised to consume four tablets, half an hour prior to their gym sessions. On days of rest, customers are advised to consume four tablets at breakfast time. The manufacturers say that you should avoid consuming the supplement in the evening, because some of the ingredients produce a stimulating effect.

Many testosterone supplements do not match up to their advertising claims. Worse still, they contain ingredients that have no effect on your athletic performance. Let’s take a closer look at the packaging and ingredients in Test x180:

Test X180 Tempest BoxTest X180 Tempest ReviewTest X180 Tempest Ingredients

Overview of the Ingredients

OXYSTORM®: This natural nitrate source is derived from an extract of red spinach. It promotes levels of nitric oxide in the body. This is necessary to give your muscles a good workout, and higher nitric oxide levels boost the flow of blood for an intense training session.

Testofen®: This naturally occurring extract of fenugreek seed has been scientifically proven to boost free testosterone levels in the body. Also, when taken as part of a resistance training regimen, it has been shown to enhance lean muscle tissue, sexual appetite and physical prowess.

elevATP® and Rhodiola: This supports power, velocity and strength gains, which helps athletes to reach new heights. It increases cardiovascular fitness too. In addition, Rhodiola has been proven to enhance mental focus and reduce tiredness. This allows athletes to gain a second wind and make the most of every gym session.

How to use the Test X180 Tempest

Test x180 Tempest should be consumed as part of a pre workout stack. For it to work as advertised, strength training is vital. You have to workout with weights regularly to enjoy the significant increases in free testosterone. For men, testosterone is the key to developing more energy, lean muscle mass and extra stamina. It is the hormone that makes men masculine — it gives them their body shape, their drive and their confidence. Testosterone production has to be maximized to properly achieve this potential.

Pricing Options for the Supplement

Test x180 Tempest retails at $99.99, for a thirty serving supply of 120 capsules. There is a trial offer available, where customers pay $4.99 for shipping and handling and receive twenty-eight capsules. On the eighteenth day, customers are rebilled on a monthly VIP subscription. Monthly VIP subscribers have to pay $89.99, plus $4.99 shipping and handling for 120 Capsules. To cancel your membership, you have to contact the manufacturer.

Profile of Force Factor

This firm sells several popular supplements for bodybuilders on the Internet. Examples include Cannabol, GainZzz, VolcaNO Fury and VolcaNO. The firm was established in 2009, by a couple of rowers from Harvard University. Its’ supplements are frequently sold by GNC Holdings inc, and typically receive positive reviews online.

Test x180 Tempest Final Thoughts

As with all types of physical training, repetition is essential, and Test x180 Tempest has been specially made to help you surpass your limitations and enable you to train harder for longer. To achieve your desired results, exercise and diet alone are unlikely to be enough.


Does Lean Fire XT Really Work?

Does Lean Fire XT Work
Losing weight and getting shape is not often an easy feat. Many of us need all the help we can get. LeanFire XT is an all-natural fat burner for both men and women made by Force Factor. It is designed to help users increase clarity and focus, improve physical endurance, and burn excess fat.

UPDATED: Claim Your Lean Fire XT Sample – CLICK HERE

About Lean Fire XTLean Fire XT Discount

Thermogenic ingredients are an important part of any fat burning supplement, and LeanFire XT is full of them. LeanFire XT’s active ingredients include green tea and caffeine, both of which are known to be thermogenic, and subsequently effective fat burners.

Another thermogenic ingredient in Force Factor LeanFire XT is cayenne pepper, which adds to the fat burning component of the product. Additionally, this supplement is easy to take as users will be able to get results with only one serving per day. This is important, as comparative fat burner supplements are taken as many as three to four times per day.

Weighing The Pros and Cons Of Lean Fire XT

LeanFire XT is a product with great fat burning ingredients, some of which have been mentioned before. Below is a quick and comprehensive look at the ingredients in this supplement and how they may help or harm users, how effective they are or are not, and whether or not users should beware of any side effects. These ingredients include:


Not a fat burner, this ingredient is included to help improve nutrient absorption – an important part of the fat burning process

Green Tea

The Catechins in green tea promote the increased production of the fat burning hormone norepinephrine, and in this way makes the ingredient an effective fat burner


500mg or more of this ingredient has been known to increase physical energy and boost metabolic function

Cayenne Pepper

A thermogenic ingredient, this ingredient increases the body’s core temperature, forcing the body to expend calories and energy to cool it

Caffeine Anhydrous

Arguable one of the best available stimulants, this ingredient helps make workouts more effective as energy levels are significantly boosted. Metabolic function is also significantly increased

L Theanine

This ingredient works in tandem with the Caffeine Anhydrous as it increases the effectiveness of its function. As far as side effects go, one ingredient of potential concern is perhaps Synephrine (Advantra Z), which have been shown to potentially have side effects when combined with caffeine, which is the case in LeanFire XT.

Still, users have not complained of said potential side effects being realized. Additionally, on account of the product’s ingredients being natural and designed to work with (and enhance) the body’s natural fat burning functions, users are likely to experience losing excess body fat quickly and without the unwanted side effects.


LeanFire XT does appear to not hold true to many of the conventions of traditional fat burners, as it has a reduced number of required servings per day to be effective. However, with the ingredients included, users are sure to see results from taking the supplement.

Also, the potential for side effects are no different from many similar products on the market, and in this regard, the product is still safe to use. As is the case with all such products, be sure to consult your health care provider before use.